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Testimonials from our friends and customers at New Eyes Old Skies

Hi folks:

Just thought I would share my experience with your service so that you could let others know what you are doing and why if they are like me, they should drop everything and come on over and use your excellent services.  Let me slow down and explain: Out of the blue came a light like a new dawn out of utter darkness — a new astronomy store staffed with folks that I knew and respected and with a new wrinkle — eye examinations and eye glasses as well as astronomy and birding equipment.  It was a brilliant and so simple concept — we astro crazies are visual perceivers of high acuity and so we need fine equipment from beginning to end — from our eyeball to the best that Televue can produce — they are all critical. So I went to the opening and was quite impressed and decided, though I thought my eyeglasses were ok, or at least what I was used to, to take the plunge and have an eye exam and obtain new glasses. Well Dr Chan did a great methodical and careful job examining my eyes and determining my eye condition then determined my prescription and then I went and saw Susan Liebman who is an optician who changed — everything.  She took the numerical expression of my prescription Dr Chan gave her and literally brought it to life.  She worked with me and checked the prescription several times sitting and standing looking outside and determined that I had been messed up by poor optical execution.  I had a progressive lens before and we ordered them for both main eyeglasses and sun glasses.

Today I went and picked them up and I was totally amazed at the transformation.  I had progressive lenses from both Lenscrafters and Hakim and I thought I knew what was what, but was I wrong.  Instead of having to tilt my head to find focus involving a narrow point of focus, the whole glass from corner to corner almost 180 degrees is in flat focus!  I am still reeling from that.  And both the main glass and the sun glass are exactly the same.  Susan made a slight adjustment of each glass to bring everything into an exact focus and I am still amazed 6 hours later. I can’t recommend their services enough.  If you are a visual person and want the absolute best for your eyes and your perception of the wonders of the universe, then I would urge you in urgent tones to take a hike to New Eyes Old Skies at 1390 Major Mackenzie Drive in Richmond Hill — thanks to their services I can use my glasses in a new way and I am not afraid to use my glasses to look through my telescope the way I was before because I had inferior eye glass. Great service — I was blind but now I see!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Malcolm A.H. Jardine

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