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Resources for Observing

Welcome to Observing Resources

The Resources Page offers downloads to enhance your observing experience.  These resources include Excel and PDF Files.  Just simply click on the file and it will download to your computer.  Make sure to make print copies to take them into the field!  We also have our beginner astronomers presentation available as a slideshow!


Here are some of the links to the resources mentioned in the presentation for getting started in Astronomy:

NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe

North York Astronomical Association

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Astronomy Magazine

SkyNews Magazine

As for the products mentioned in the slide show be sure to talk to us in the store.


These resources are designed to challenge the observer.  Some are quite easy, some are a challenge while others may require large aperture or an advanced imaging set up to see.

For and excellent on-line resource of the Messier Objects, visit the SEDS Messier Webpage or for an interactive look at the New General Catalogue Objects, visit the SEDS NGC Interactive Website.

Should you wish to have a resource added, please email us at neweyesoldskies@gmail.com


Variable Stars (Very large zip file from the AAVSO)

The Cambridge Double Star Atlas – Showpiece Double Stars

Doubles Stars for Small Scopes

The Best of the NGC Catalogue

Herschel 400 Observing List

Herschel 400 By Sky Atlas 2000.0 Chart

The Herschel 3 Galaxies

Messier Catalogue

Struve Double Star List

William Herschel’s Deepsky Objects (The Herschel 2500 list)

Cataracts and the Amateur Astronomer Pt. 1

Cataracts and the Amateur Astronomer Pt. 2

Cataracts and the Amateur Astronomer Pt. 3

Cataracts and the Amateur Astronomer Pt. 4

Cataracts and the Amateur Astronomer Pt. 5

Cataracts and the Amateur Astronomer Pt. 6

Cataracts and the Amateur Astronomer Pt. 7





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