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This  Double Header should be on your radar. It is not very often that we are treated with three special events over a three month stretch. The full Moon’s of August 29, September 28, and October 27, should be added to your calendar. In particular, the evening of September 27 should be highlighted in  RED … That is the evening when the Moon will be totally eclipsed and at Perigee  with the Earth and Sun, ie. Perigee-Syzygy. This refers to the straight line configuration of the three celestial bodies  Earth – Moon – Sun

The full Moon’s of August, September and October are all designated  as Super Moons.The August Moon is the only one that is also known as  a Sturgeon Moon, a Corn Moon or a Grain Moon.  In August and October, the centres  of these Moons, to the centre of  the Earth are less than 361,836 kms apart ,Super Moon worthy.  But  the full Moon of September 28, is when the moon is 356,877 kms from the Earth, (centre to centre) the closest of all the Super Moon’s!

Starting on the evening of September 27,   the eclipse of the moon will last for approximately  3 hours and 20 minutes. Our Moon will  be bathed in the Earth’s umbral shadow, revealing  that beautiful red hue , we call a “Blood Moon”. Don’t miss this amazing event…..

We at New Eyes Old Skies, will be carrying an excellent  assortment of Binoculars and Telescopes for  all your  evening viewing. Please don’t hesitate in calling Bruce to place orders for that special filter or eyepiece. Clients have already started to place their orders. Call us before the back orders start. This is a wonderful family viewing event not to be missed. Astrophotographers get those cameras  ready !   We can order your imagers too…


The Moon

The Moon


Photo by Armand Pede

Photo by Armand Pede

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